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The Staying Ahead Training (STAT) program allows Apple Retail personnel to obtain experience with a variety of products sold in Apple Retail stores. The courses are offered after-hours and are facilitated by a wide range of Apple staff worldwide.

We developed a number of STAT sessions covering a wide range of software products including: Aperture, Final Cut Studio, Motion, FileMaker, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office 2008, iWeb, iDVD, and Pages.

United States Institute of Peace

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) created the Rapid Expert Assistance and Cooperation Teams (REACT) program to help in the rapid recruitment and deployment of skilled personnel for diplomatic missions. As a member of the OSCE, the United States is obligated to help with this program.

We worked with the United States Institute of Peace to develop pre-deployment training to ensure that people selected for REACT are prepared to immediately begin work when they reach a field operation. We produced a web-based training course that covers the OSCE, conflict management, and political history of various regions. Students are required to pass a test at the end of each section, and results are sent electronically to the OSCE's recruiters. We created a test question generator that presents the test questions and multiple-choice answers in random order. Results of the tests are displayed to the students so they can see which questions they missed.

We also developed a custom content-management system that allows the USIP to review and approve changes to the course content, and then publish the changes to the web and PDF with a single click.

General Atomics

Test technicians and systems engineers at nuclear power plants need to know how to test and configure the General Atomics RM-80 radiation monitoring system. It's a very complex system with a unique interface; and ensuring that all of its functions work properly is very important in a nuclear environment.

We developed a five-day, instructor-led course that introduces the RM-80 and allows the students to practice testing each of the various sub-systems. We also developed a web-based simulation of the interface so that students can practice using it, and the instructor can demonstrate procedures.

Cyber Security

Members of an insurance pool for Nevada public agencies, in association with the Department of Homeland Security and the Stop, Think, Connect Campaign need annual training on cyber security.

We developed a web-based course and a series of posters to teach members about cyber security. In the web-based course, interactive quiz questions are used to teach concepts by asking the member to make a choice, followed by feedback that describes why their choice was correct or incorrect. The course also includes a short animation of two characters in a social-engineering scenario. The posters are designed to be colorful and interesting, and worthy of hanging in someone's work area. Each poster contains just the main points from the course. This campaign will remind the members that they need to be careful with their computer, and promote a frequent dialog about cyber security.

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